This year marks six full years since our dear friend, Goran Savić YT2A, has left us. Those who kepttrack of Goran’s radio-amateur work, know that he was honestly dedicated to the program of Flora and Fauna, a pioneer of these activities in Serbia, and our first great activator.

The YUFF team has chosen the date of his tragic death to be the Day of Serbian flora and fauna and memory of Goran, thus showing the respect for everything he did for us and our cause.

We thereby invite you to, on Saturday 22.09.2018. from 00:00 to 24:00 UTC, take part in

The Goal: Remembering Goran Savić, a pioneer of YUFF activities, inspiring greater activity of YUFF andprotected zones worldwide, as well as hunters of YUFF references, and promotion of the Serbian flora and fauna program.

Rules for activators:

-From a single protected zone, only the use of one radio station is allowed.
-The maximum number of allowed references in a single day is two, while only one reference may be reserved,and working from a second, “desired” one is possible only if it is available for activation.
-From a single station in an activated region, the use of multiple callsigns is allowed (if a group of amateurs havegone in for the activation), with the requirement that the minimal number of 100 QSOs per callsign is achieved, aswell as a minimal time of stay in a single protected zone of two hours.
-Activator have to announce his activation and claim reference he will activate.
-Every activator will receive appropriate credit towards YUFF 2016. diplomas for activating regions.
-The list of YUFF references is available on the official site and can be fund here:

Announcement have to be sent on or on cellphone +381655995999. Coordinator will publish announcements on YUFF webpage , and final schedule on 21.09.2018. at 20:00h. Every single activator will receive confirmation of his announcement as short aspossible. Manager on 2016. is Miki YT3X.
-The YUFF team will be awarding diplomas in PDF format for:

–Every station which activates YUFF references and sends the log in the required time, will receive the”YT2A Memorial” diploma
-Foreign activators must make at least one QSO with stations from YUFF protected zones.
-Activators who will make the largest number of QSOs using single CALL, will be awarded with special gold, silverand bronze award.(NEW)

– The “YT2A Memorial” diploma will be awarded to any station that makes at least 5 QSOs with stations from various protected zones around the world, while at least 3 must be from Serbia.
-Logs are to be sent only in ADI (ADIF) format–both for activators and hunters.
-Requests for diplomas are, like logs, to be sent to the e-mail
-The deadline for sending logs is 02.10.2018. until 23:59 UTC.
-Activators from Serbia, who do not deliver their logs in the required time will not be qualified for diplomas, andtheir logs will be just added to the WWFF records, according to YUFF rules.
-The YUFF team will review the logs and send the diplomas in PDF format by 02.11.2018.