YU7CM / HA7CM-Laci YT7DQ / HA7DQ-Lacy YU7ZZ-Joska YT5Z-Tibi YU7BW-Robi YU7G-Lajos HA7PL-Laci HA6NL-Laci HA6PS-Zsolt HA6PJ-Jani OM7PY-Ervin OM7LW-Peter & guest and mni xyl and yl….

Will be active from 30. august to 2. September 2018. in the Special Nature conservation area Bačkotopolske doline  YUFF 0123 The plan is on short wave of  cw ssb and  ft8, and on 2 metr. ssb cw and fm.

QSL policy: to make an easier job for us, please use only OQRS via Clublog. We will send all Clublog OQRS via the bureau. we don’t need your QSLs. Clublog is the easiest and the quickest way to receive our QSL Card via the bureau.

However, if you want to send QSL direct, please use adress above.